CFA Canada Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions


"I think my firm is already a member, is there a charge for me to join as an individual?" 


Yes, there is a fee to join the Canada Chapter. Here’s how it works: Your employer can join the CFA National organization as a National Member, but firms cannot join at the Chapter level. Chapter memberships are limited to individuals and your firm doesn’t have to be a National Member in order for you to join the Canada Chapter. The Canada Chapter receives no money from the fees that a National Member pays, we rely solely on individual memberships to support our programs which include educational seminars, a job board (coming soon!), peer-to-peer networking events and great special events such as our 1st annual ‘blow out’ end of year party.


If your firm is a CFA National Member, the Canada Chapter offers you a reduced membership fee of only $75.00 per year. If your firm is not a CFA National Member the charge is a general membership fee of $150.00 per year.


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